Today, every astute business requires an outsourcing ally to help it be more competitive, whatever your particular industry or market.

WHAT we do

A relationship with the Mid-Hudson Workshop for the Disabled succeeds on all levels, providing your company’s business the best possible chance to deliver.

"The People Are The Workshop"

We’re the smart choice as your outsourcing partner because MHW provides the cost and resource savings critical to every business, while also:

  • Benefiting a firm’s philanthropic goals.
  • Working with us supports a disabled workforce of skilled adults possessing physical and medical handicaps.
  • Keeping funds circulating here, which assists local and regional economies.

FacilityAs your Poughkeepsie, NY, source for most outsourced projects, the Mid-Hudson Workshop for the Disabled serves the tri-state region and can be cost-effective for companies throughout the United States.